Choosing your Walk In Shower Enclosure

Choosing your walk in shower enclosure can be a nightmare. We have over 100 variants to offer and without discussing your specific requirements you really are in a minefield.

The technical considerations that our clients never think of are:

1.  Is the shower tray of suitable design to allow the water from the shower to drain without over flowing the tray lip.

2. Do I need a pump to assist with the drainage?

3. Do I need an electric shower or have I sufficient pressure to use a shower mixer valve from my existing system?

4. Will my walls need re-tiling and are they suitable to be re-tiled?

5. Would a wet-room, recessed, corner or quadrant shower be most suitable?

6. Is my pressure and flow rate high enough to have a thermostat fitted.

7. Do I need a thermostat ?

These are the most common questions our clients need answering and the only way to do so is with a home visit when we can discuss your bespoke requirements and, most importantly, give you a price.

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