Arthritis is a disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. There are many different types of arthritis with Osteoarthritis being the most common. This type of arthritis gets worse with age and is caused by general wear and tear over the years. A doctor will prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. But some of this medication will cause side effects so sufferers often prefer a more natural approach to pain relief. Below are 10 natural remedies to relieve arthritis pain:

1 Hydrotherapy
Scientific studies have shown that hydrotherapy can improve strength and general fitness in people with various types of arthritis. The pressure of water jets on the skin gets carried by nerves deep into the body thus reliving pain. Taking a long warm shower or baths will help ease stiffness in your joints. We have a number of Hydrotherapy baths available which have water jets which will help to ease arthritis pain.

2 Include Omega-3 acids in your diet
Omega-3s are known to help sufferers of arthritis. Fish such as Tuna, Mackerel, Salmon all contain Omega-3s. Also eggs, Yogurt and some brown bread is high these fatty acids. You can also get fish oil supplements which are high in omega-3s and may help reduce joint stiffness and pain.

3 Losing some Weight
The more weight you carry, the more pressure you will be putting on your joints. By losing some weight you will decrease the pain in your joints especially your knees hips and feet.

4 Exercise More
Keeping active will help to keep the flexibility in your joints. Nothing too strenuous like running but low impact exercise like swimming or aerobics will help o flex your joints without adding more stress to them.

5 Acupuncture
Acupuncture is where needles are inserted into certain points of the body. This ancient Chinese medicine is based on scientific evidence that shows the treatment can stimulate nerves under the skin and in the muscle tissue.

6 Meditation
The practice of meditation and relaxation techniques are known to reduce the pain from arthritis. Meditation is known to help a number of ailments as it helps to reduce stress which enables you to cope better with the pain or worries you have.

7 Add Ginger, Turmeric, Chilli or Apple Cider Vinegar to your diet
There are many ingredients you can add to your food which have anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is a well known remedy for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and often called the miracle spice. Ginger is another good one which again has anti-inflammatory properties. Chilli contains capsaicin which works as a pain reliever. Finally apple cider vinegar contains a number of minerals that your body can use to the dull pain of artiritis.

8 Massage
Regular massaging of joints can help reduce pain and stiffness. Massage can also improve your mobility range. You can learn to self massage yourself or arrange for regular massages with a massage therapist.

9 Lubricate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Rubbing olive oil onto your joints can help relieve pain. The reason being is that it contains oleocanthal which is a compound that blocks the same inflammatory pathways as ibuprofen and aspirin.

10. Epsom salt soak
Epsom salt contains magnesium sulphate which is a natural mineral which has been used for pain relief for many years. Taking a soak in a bath full of Epsom salt will help to ease the pain. Or just using a bowl for soaking hands and feet is just as effective.

These are just 10 natural remedies to relieve arthritis pain but there are many more.