Here at Walk In Showers and Baths, we don’t think your age or issues with mobility should hinder your independence, especially with bathing, washing and general bathroom routines. Being able to do all this for yourself is an understated privilege. We know that families will go to great lengths to make sure elderly or disabled relatives get to stay in their own homes and keep this privacy, dignity and independence, so why not follow these tips to minimise the risk in the bathroom and increase the tasks and duties your relative can do for themselves or with minimal assistance:

Water and tiled/slippery floors are a hazard waiting to happen for some, so it’s best to look at the areas that older people are most likely to slip. This includes the toilet and getting in and out of the bath or shower. Installing grab rails and a slip resistant flooring or tiles is a good start. Also the addition of bath mats on the floor and a rubber slip-resistant mat inside the bath or shower ensures that slips around the general bathroom floor and inside the bath are protected against. Enquiring about bath lifts or shower seats, or even converting to a walk-in bath are good options to discuss with your elderly or disabled relative. We offer a huge range of walk in baths and showers suitable for all ranges of mobility, showers can be viewed here, and baths can be viewed here. We offer a no fuss and no obligation service, and our prices are fixed. We try our best to keep you and your needs at the heart of what we do.

Installing easy to turn taps with a thermostatic blending valve which eliminates the risk of scalding is also another easy thing to do to give you peace of mind. Our showers and baths can all be fitted with thermostatic blending valves for this reason.Our priority is the safety of our customers!

Whilst minimising risks is an effective approach, a slip or fall could be a possibility. If you are still concerned, then adding an alert system in way of a button, switch or cord to pull which will alert yourself or a carer to an incident. Adding the alert system with the above suggestions takes a lot of risk out of bathing, and gives your elderly or disabled relative the independence they may be craving. You also get your own peace of mind that you are doing all you can to make sure they can stay at home and live out their golden years in comfort.

Take a look around our website to view our range of walk in baths and showers, or call us on 01952 601061! We are always happy to help!