Mrs Holloway

The content below is a written extract from Mrs Holloway’s video referral which is at the bottom of this page.

Like many, I had reached that time in my life where I felt I needed to start considering my future physical abilities, their limitations and how they would affect my independence.

It’s one of those considerations you always seem to put off for another day.
Earlier this year I took these essential steps to at least looking for solutions which could assist not only my current bathing requirements but my future bathing needs.

I started by contacting several companies, local and national who specialised in mobility bathing products. The difficulty I had was being unable to get in and out of my bath. I needed a bath with a door in it and/or a level access walk in shower. The difference with their services and prices were astonishing. It is safe to say that the reason I chose Walk in Showers and Baths is because of their friendliness approach and helpfulness, nothing was too much trouble. They were not pushy with sending a sales advisor out to me once I received my brochure. The whole process was unrushed and smooth.

When the advisor came to my home he looked at my bathroom and then sat down with me and asked as to my requirements and my needs to ensure what ideas I had would be fit for purpose. We then proceeded to look at the products he had in his presentation pack which would suitable and what would work in the area and space I had. He also told me a little about himself and the Company which I found refreshing as it really built up my trust and confidence.

After about an hour I was left feeling very uplifted and quite excited. What started out as a daunting thought of necessity and expense became something I was beginning to look forward to and affordable.

The ailments I have at present do restrict my mobility but it’s mainly the future I am preparing for now and I know that in years to come my mobility will become more restrictive. I thought to myself that if I don’t want the burden, noise, inconvenience now by having this work carried out, then what on earth am I going to be like in 5 or 10 years time.

What’s important know is that I feel a weight has lifted from me. I can and will benefit now from a new level access walk in shower and if I find myself in a wheelchair in years to come I would have prepared and put in place a facility which will continue to give me my independence in my own home.

I now have a very good idea of what I want, a fixed price of how much it will cost, it was very competative (it’s also VAT exempt) and an indication of an installation date.

There was really no further need to think about it. I wanted to go ahead, I did go ahead and it was the best thing I did.

I now have not only my level access walk in shower but I have had my large airing cupboard removed (this is where my new shower has been installed). I have a separate bath, sink and toilet. I have had the ceiling and walls cladded and the floor laid with vinyl. I also chose a new heated towel rail. These were all optional extras but I felt I was worth it. In for a penny in for pound. I am really pleased.

The installation went very smoothly and took 4 days to complete. There was a team of two installers who worked very hard indeed. There was obviously going to be some noise, banging as expected but once the first day was out of the way you could see the bathroom coming together. There was very little mess and the installers kept their working area very clean. They cleaned up everywhere after themselves and the rubbish was collected by the end of completion. They were both very polite and attentive young lads. A credit to Walk in Showers and Baths.

Several months on from my bathroom being completed I am enjoying the simplicity in bathing. I feel safer and more confident bathing when I am alone. Having the use of a fold down seat and grab rails in my shower and the non slip tray also gives me confidence getting in and out. I now bath for longer periods of time as I don’t find it an effort anymore. It’s an enjoyment. The cladding I chose instead of retiling is very maintenance free. It’s very easy to keep clean. I will say though, the waste pump which I had fitted to help take away the waste water (because there is insufficient gravity with the level access tray I have fitted), is not as noisy as I thought it may have been and certainly nowhere near as intrusive.

All in all I am very pleased. A super service. I really am pleased. I would recommend Walk in Showers and Baths to my friends. I already have done.

For all those people out there, their family or friends who can understand and relate with Mrs Holloway’s story, who also are finding themselves or others in a similar predicament to what Mrs Holloway’s has experienced, undecided on a walk in shower or walk in bath, or putting off having anything at all, then please contact us, Walk in Showers and Baths for more information on how we can help and assist you in moving forward your mobility requirements to reality.