Combo Vanity Unit

Small bathrooms used to be a real challenge to design even for the best designers. If there is no room for a bath, storage is out of the question. However, there are solutions which are designed for small bathrooms and en-suites.  Below are some space saving ideas for small bathrooms and en-suites:

1. Wet Room

A wet room is a great solution as they can fit into any small space. A wet room is basically a shower room that doesn’t need to have shower screen or tray as the whole floor area is tiled and waterproof. If this sounds too wet, you can add a shower curtain. You can always have underflow heating to help add warmth and dry the floor quickly. A well designed wet room will also add value to your property.

2. Combination Units

Combination units are designed for small bathrooms. They are units which combine, the toilet, sink and storage area into one. The cistern is concealed. They come in all difference shapes and sizes. A double vanity unity just has a sink and storage.

platinum vanity unitCombo Vanity Unit

3. Wall Mounted Toilets & Sinks

Most toilets have a central pedestal and upper tank; with wall mounted toilets these are gone. All you have is a small mounted toilet which appears to be sticking out from the wall. They are strong and a great space saver. The same for sinks, floating fittings are a great space saving trick full stop and look modern and stylish.

wall mounted Toilet Seat

4. Heated Towel Rails

Combine a radiator and towel rail by choosing a heated towel rail. Compact vertical heated towel rails or radiators are a great space-saver. As well as looking stylish and saving space by being flat against the wall, they keep your room warm and double up as a towel rail. They are very easy to install and they can even be made into a feature. They come in all sizes so can fit in the smallest of bathrooms or en-suites.

Towel Warmer Rails

5. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to transform the look of a bathroom. Designers often use them as they are a great trick to make a room appear larger. They will reflect light and create the impression of space and completely brighten up the room.

6. Tiles

Tiles that are the same on the floor as on the wall make a small bathroom appear larger. Also by using the same tiles on the floor and wall makes the room very spa like. If your using natural coloured tiles you can add colour into the room by towels and accessories.

7. Recessed Shelving

Recessed shelving is another great space saving idea. If you have false walls hiding pipework, building recessed shelves make clever use of the wall. You can keep your toiletries on the shelves or make them into a feature with lights or mirrors.

Recessed Shelving


8. Tall Slim Storage Furniture

Tall and slim storage units are stylish and practical. They can be free standing or tucked neatly into a corner. They take up hardly any floor space but due to the height of them offer a great amount of storage space.

If you have a small bathroom or en-suite and want a stylish yet practical room, get in touch. We have designed and installed bathrooms for small rooms and en-suites for many years.  With all the latest space saving products available we can create the perfect bathroom regardless of how small the room in question is.