Bathroom Disabled Facilities Grants

Being diagnosed a terminal illness is life changing. Perhaps you have disabilities which are getting worse and you are finding life harder. Not only have got to cope with the physical and emotional symptoms, but you must be worried and thinking ahead about your changing needs. Feeling safe and secure in your home should be paramount.  For many of us, owning and maintaining a home is one of the largest investments we ever make.  Adapting your environment to suit your changing needs can be expensive and worrying but as long as you meet certain criteria, there is significant financial help available throughout the UK.

DFGs – Disabled Facility Grants

A Disabled Facility Grant is a grant from the government which can pay home modifications to make your more conforatble in your home. Perhaps you need a bathroom adapted for a wheel chair or a new bathroom downstairs. Whatever home improvements you need a DFG could be available for you. To be eligible you must intent to living in your property for the next five years. If you are renting you can apply for the grant as can your landlord. The amount you get will depend on your income and savings over £6000. The maximum grant payable under a DFG is £30,000 for homes in England, £25,000 in Northern Ireland and £36,000 in Wales. The grant will only be paid when the local authority is satisfied that the work has been completed to their satisfaction and in accordance with the grant approval.

How to Apply for a Home Improvement Grant

To apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant, head over to this page and put your postcode in box. This will then take you to your local council website. If your local council website doesn’t have a page dedicated to this government grant, just give them a call and they should point you in the right direction.

VAT Exemption Bathroom Installations

Here at WISAB the majority of our clients are VAT exempt. If you have a terminal illness or a chronic condition or sickness you will qualify for VAT exemption. Perhaps you have a mental or physical impairment that affects your ability to carry out daily tasks, this again means you will qualify. Just being elderly does not qualify.

Home Improvement Considerations

With any home improvements, make sure that it’s easy to access a phone. Whether that’s a mobile phone or several handsets around the house, having access to important people such as doctors and close family members is important.

The first thing we think about is access in and our of your home.  Wheelchairs need ramps and doors might need widening. What is often forgotten is the flooring. Flooring needs to be strong smooth and firm.  Cost-wise the cheapest materials are vinyl or laminate flooring.  Wood is the more expensive option but will look most stylish.

Today with the latest technology we can access electric controls, thermostat controls, and lighting via smart phones. However if this is not for you there needs to be consideration for all the electrics and switches.

Space Saver EliteBathrooms are one of the more important areas to consider. For safety reasons bathrooms need to be adapted properly. With a lot of though tin the bathroom area you can remain independent and maintain dignity for as long as possible. This is where we can help as we have been installing disabled bathrooms for many years. Floors need to be non slip and level access for showers and baths.  We have a number of shower and wet rooms which are suitable for wheelchair access.  We also have a number of bathroom aids including raised toilets. Contact us for a free brochure and let us help you design the perfect bathroom.