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There are more than a few myths floating around out there about assisted living. Although it’s not a necessity for all older or elderly people, there are a few that will have to move out of their “forever homes” into smaller, more manageable places. It might be because your home has become too expensive, or maybe you’re not able to get around safely on your own anymore. No matter what the circumstance might be, assisted living will work well for a number of different people. Find out for yourself what’s true and what’s not so true!

Misconceptions about Assisted Living

  • You’ll never be “free” again. An assisted living development is much different than a nursing home in the sense that you are still an independent person. You’ll have many choices to make when it comes to your new home if you decide on assisted living. Assisted living is perfect for older couples or singles that might be looking to downsize from a bigger home to a smaller apartment. It’s also ideal for those people that might not be able to move around in their home as easily as they could at one time before. Assisted living still allows you all the freedoms that you might be after while also providing you with caring individuals on-site ready to help you at any time. You should thoroughly research a few of your best options before making a final commitment.
  • No one will care about giving me a hand. Being away from your family can be tough, especially if you’re accustomed to having them around all the time. Even if you end up moving farther away from your children, the dedicated staff at your assisted living community will always be right there to come to the rescue! The caretakers will be eager to put the needs of their residents first, and they’ll make you feel comfortable enough to approach them when you are in need of assistance.
  • Life will become dull and boring. Assisted living communities were designed to encourage you to remain social and active! The key to feeling young is doing all of your favorite activities as often as you can, and assisted living developments plan all kinds of interesting activities for their residents to take part in. You never know what kind of friends you might meet when you reach out to others and join in the fun!
  • It’s way too expensive. Of course there are going to be some assisted living communities that offer more amenities at a cost: but there are some very nice places that won’t break your bank! Although it’s true that most elderly homeowners are living in homes that are completely paid for, covering all of your annual expenses can be impossible on some fixed incomes. In a lot of ways, it ends up being cheaper just to start over in a place that’s just as comfortable and even lower maintenance.

Making the decision to transition into assisted living won’t be easy, but it could save you a lot of grief in the long run. As long as you find a place that feels like home, you’ll be able to enjoy your days there!