Bathroom Design Ideas in UK

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. So why not redecorate, spruce it up and even consider a complete make-over? If your bathroom looks bland, then here are few tips to update it and give it a whole new look:

  1. Replace your old Mirror

Replacing your plain bland mirror with a new and interesting one is the easiest way to update your bathroom. Strategically placed mirrors with interesting shapes and patterns can add an oomph-factor to your bathroom. Before selecting a bathroom mirror consider how the design will fit with the mood or theme of the entire bathroom. Also, consider the shape. A round shaped mirror brings softness to the design of your bathroom.

  1. Switch the old bathroom fixtures for new metallic ones

Upgrading the accessories and small fixtures such as knobs, shower handles, and taps can instantly change the look and feel of your bathroom. From the old soap dish and roll holder to the towel ring and robe hooks do not be afraid to switch all the metal fixtures to new ones. You will be simply amazed at the difference these small upgrades make.

  1. Change the old light fixture

Change the old light fixture with a brand new one and you will be seeing your bathroom in a whole new light! Installing lights dramatically change the mood of the bathroom. Add light fixings with an interesting pattern and shape. This will add an interesting design detail to your bathroom. Moreover, additional light not only improves visibility but also gives you an illusion of more space.

  1. Cut the Clutter

This is a sure-fire way to make your bathroom look neat and tidy. Keep your bathroom organised. Store your toiletries in storage spaces. Install racks to keep your towels in place and put your cosmetics in a wicker basket. Bringing these small changes goes a long way to making your bathroom clutter-free and look luxuriously beautiful.

  1. Add Layers

From a gorgeous shower curtain and art work to an interesting window treatment or shelves, adding layers to a bathroom makes it come alive. Adding interesting details will give it a complete makeover.

Luxury Bathroom Designs in the UK

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