5 Steps to Design your Perfect Bathroom

Are you thinking about having a new bathroom? Not sure where to start?  Let me help you design your perfect bathroom.  I have a flare for design and recently my design skills were featured in a top UK magazine.  Last year my kitchen design was featured in Style at Home which you can read here.  So I know what I am talking about.  Below is how I went about designing it, and if you follow the steps you will be right on the way to having the perfect bathroom.

1- What do you want?

Think about what you want. Do you just want to update your bathroom? Is the current design fine, but the tiles and furniture dated? Are the reasons for a new bathroom due to your ability to use your current bathroom? A walk in bath can fit into your existing bath space as can a walk in shower.

There must be one main reason you want a new bathroom. For instance, with my kitchen, I wanted cubboard space which meant larger (hence the need to knock a wall down) and I knew I wanted a breakfast bar and the rest of the kitchen had to fit around. Plus after putting up with a terrible kitchen for so long I wanted a modern kitchen that had the ‘wow factor’. Also, I wanted to be able to change the colour of the room easily, so I went with neutral colours that would go with any coloured theme. So when I want to change the look of the room I can just get different coloured accessories.

Those that just want an updated bathroom and believe the position of the toilet bath and basin are fine etc are fine then you can move on choosing colours and bathroom suite types. If you feel your current bathroom is badly designed, what is wrong with it?

If disability of mobility are the issues and reasons for the new bathroom, then you need to decide what accessories or bespoke tailored solutions are needed to get the functionally required. If you have an occupational therapist they should be able to help you understand what is needed. But it’s a simple as just not being able to get up and down from a conventional bath, but you will want the ability to have a bath then a walk-in bath might be the solution.

2- Get inspiration from Google Images

Use Google images to find inspiration.  If you want your bathroom to have a modern bathroom feel, Google the words ‘modern bathroom’ can click on images.  Or click here.  Perhaps you like the more traditional bathroom in which case search for ‘traditional bathroom’.  If your reasons for a new bathroom are related to you disability of mobility issues, then search for ‘mobility bathroom’, you might be surprised at how stylish they can be these days.  Long gone are days when domestic mobility bathrooms looked like they came right out of a hospital or care home.

If your bathroom is much smaller than the bathroom images you have been looking at keep this in mind. Use the search term ‘small bathroom ideas’ and look at those images too. You will need a bit of imagination to imagine that look and feel in your bathroom.

3- What stands out?

From the google searches save or print the bathrooms that stand out to you. Now it’s time to dissect the images. Look at each image and decide what it is that you like about each bathroom you have chosen. It might be the tiles in one bathroom, or the colour of the walls in another, a type of shower. Right down or highlight what it is you like about each. Look at every aspect of the images you have chosen. When you look at the tiles for instance, is it the colour of them or the shape that you like. Is it the chrome finish you like?

4- Decide on colours

By now you should have an idea of what you like and also sometimes more importantly what you don’t like. You will find on your search that there are basically just a few colour options to choose from. There are neutral colours, pastel colours, black and white, or bold colours. Remember that accessories such as towels can add more colour to contrast a more neutral or light coloured bathroom. Dark neutral colours can give it a more hotel chic type of look if that’s what you’re after.

5- Put it all together

Once you know what you want it’s time to call in the experts. You will need expert advice if you’re moving toilets or bathrooms with a completely new design. A decent bathroom company will advise you what you can and can’t have and explain to you the reasons why. As with most big jobs like this, it’s best to get a few companies in and have a few quotes to choose from. You will get an idea of a company when you start showing interest in their services. If they are too pushy forget them. If they seem willing to listen to you and work with you then this would be a better bet. Arrange for a few bathrooms companies to come out and survey your property. Show them your images and the list of must and must not haves. After you have seen a few you can make a decision.

Walk in Shower and Baths have a number of modern showers, walk in baths and all the best mobility aids available. They will help you create your perfect bathroom which is in the style you choose but also with all the functionality that you need. Fill out the form below to arrange one of the team to visit you in your home.

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