7 Bathroom Trends That'll Be Big in 2017

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and want it to give it a glamorous makeover, then here are 7 trends to keep your bathroom look chic and stylish:

Walk-in Baths with Showers

Walk-in baths come with multi-generational designs and styles that combine comfort, elegance, and functionality. These baths have a smart design that includes a stylish transfer surface that ensures a safe entry and exit. This also facilitates a safe bathing environment which is convenient and returns your quality of life. If you are looking for a walk in bath, check the products manufactured by Walk in Showers and Baths at http://www.walkinshowersandbaths.co.uk/

Minimalist Cabinets for Toiletries

If your bathroom has a quirky and colourful design, then a minimalist cabinet will introduce a sense of balance. Install clean cabinets with smaller handles and knobs. This will ensure that space doesn’t look cluttered or crowded, no matter how small your bathroom is.

Mixed Metals

Using accessories of mixed metals is a trend that will dominate 2017. However, instead of shiny and polished finishes, brushed brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and other looks that are less reflective will be more in vogue. Matt or satin black steel will be the preferred choices for showerheads, taps and cabinet fixtures giving the bathrooms an ultra-chic look. Apart from that, a shift from aesthetic uniformity is also going to dominate bathroom styles in 2017 as homeowners are more likely to mix and match metals creating an ultra-stylish, casual, and ultra-personalised bath-zone.

A Wooden Touch

Conventional wisdom suggests that bathrooms are not a place for wooden objects. However, in the past few years, this concept has changed a lot. Homeowners have now begun to explore different ways of bringing in the sense of warmth and rustic texture by incorporating wooden items in the bathroom. This style is going to dominate 2017. From wooden accent walls and wooden ceilings to other wooden vanities, a dose of wooden texture will give a homey-touch to the bathroom.


2017 will be a year that will mark the comeback of the Walk-in Bath but the more elegant and stylish models. Combined with niche storage, dramatic lighting, and built-in seating, the bathrooms will deliver a more spa-like experience. Although people won’t eliminate the easy access showers if space allows, homeowners are more likely to install a purpose built, bespoke Walk-in bath to accommodate their own individual requirements.

Wall Coverings

Be it intricate modern patterns or Mediterranean colours – wall cladding and tiles effect are going to top the wish list of every homeowner. These give your bathroom a dramatic look. You can experiment with geometric patterns or colour-inspired designs for bringing in a rustic charm to your personal space. The cleaning convenience and cost advantage of installing cladding far out ways the old fashioned method of convention wall tiles.

Throw Rugs

2017 will bid goodbye to the old boring bath rug. Instead, the latest trend will see Grade 10, nonslip, warm floor coverings take over; giving the bathroom an instant upgrade and making it appear cosy.

We hope that these trends will help you give your bathroom a stylish make-over.