bathroom design ideas UK

Are you bored with the bland design of your bathroom? Want to give it a makeover? If yes, then check these design options to bring a wow-factor to your bathroom:

A statement light fixture

Modern light fixtures are not only for illuminating your personal space, but are designed to give your bathroom a glamorous touch. You can add sparkle to your luxurious bathroom by adding a crystal chandelier or choose a contemporary design such as a blown-glass light fixture to bring playfulness to your bathroom.

Install a Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door adds a luxurious touch to any bathroom. However, the look and feel of a glass shower door is not the only reason for its installation. Glass shower enclosures do not have a ledge to step over, thus, making them easy to access for all family members including children and seniors.

A luxurious Shower Bench

A shower bench adds to your comfort level and also, gives a spa-like feel to your bathroom. Cover the bench with a covering that match the rest of the bathroom. You can also use contrasting colours to add a glamour factor to it. Increase the comfort level by adding a hand-held shower or multiple showerheads.

A freestanding Bath

Wash away the stress and worries of your hectic day by soaking yourself in a luxurious deep soak tub. If there is enough space in your bathroom, then get the largest one available. This won’t strain your muscles as you lean back and enjoy the soothing jets calming your senses.

Luxury Showers

From hand-held showerheads, body sprays to dual showerheads, turn your ordinary shower experience to a luxurious one by installing new luxury showers. The wall-mount showerheads can be easily adjusted to fit your height.


Countertops made of concrete, marble or limestone are elegant and make your bathroom highly functional by managing spill-overs with style.

Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas in the UK

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