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Difference between a Wet Room and Level Access Shower

Wet Room Shower Enclosure Difference

The only difference between a wet room and a level access shower enclosure is that with a wet room the whole floor area will be waterproofed (or ‘tanked’ as its also known) and level with the rest of the room. With a level access shower the floor will be level, but there will be a shower tray which will direct water down the drain.

Wet Rooms

Below is a picture of one of our walk in shower wet rooms. As you can see the floor area in the shower section is the same and joined up with the rest of the bathroom:Disabled Wet Room
The floor is gently sloped so any water will get drained away and is designed to be slip proof. Wet rooms are simple and minimalistic in appearance.

Benefits of a Wet Room

  • Creates an open attractive space
  • Compatible with underground heating systems
  • Shower size can any shape or size you wish
  • No steps, so ideal for those with mobility issues
  • Accessible to wheelchair users
  • Completely watertight so no worrying of leaks
  • Wet rooms design have no space or size limitations
  • They can be installed upstairs or downstairs
  • Can add value to the properly
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Level Access Shower Enclosures

With level access showers you can see there is a shower tray on the floor of the shower section area, whereas the rest of the bathroom floor is tiled.Walk in Shower
The shower tray is level with the bathroom floor so there is no step to get into the shower. Level access showers are ideal for people with all levels of mobility and wheelchair users.

Benefits of  Level Access Shower Enclosure

  • No steps, so ideal for those with mobility issues
  • Can be designed so accessible to wheelchair users
  • Shower  trays are completely watertight so no worrying of leaks
  • They can be installed anywhere in the home, upstairs or down
  • Can add value to the properly
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Many people ask us if wet rooms and level access shower enclosures can take the weight of a person in a wheelchair. Certainly, our walk in showers and wet rooms can hold up to 40 stone in weight. So even larger wheel bound people can benefit from our showers.

If you’re unsure whether to have a fully tanked waterproof walk in wetroom or just a level access shower why not give us a call.  One of our team can come out to you and give you their advice. Regardless what you end up going for you can rest assured in the knowledge that all our products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards.

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