Cost of walk in shower installation

Lux Monaco Walk in Shower

The cost of a walk in shower installation depends on a number of factors which can only be worked out with a complete home survey. We cannot just give you a price over the phone because there are many things to consider. Once we have met and can ascertain what your exact needs are, and what you have in your bathroom currently, only then can we give you a price.

With a walk in shower or bath installation we have to ensure the hot and cold water has sufficient pressure and flow rate so water can rise the extra height. Also you want a bath that fills up in a reasonable time. There are ways around a pressure and flow rates such as installing a single speed pump or even a dual pump. This is where there will be a little bit of extra electrical work. Another consideration is where the bath floor is located or which end you enter the shower, there could be some tiling or cladding required and maybe even some floor might need covering. If we were just removing your existing bath and replacing it with a similar one we could easily give you an indication of price over the phone.

Another important issue is ensuring you get the right model for your needs. We will need to work out what your bathing difficulty is, how much strength you have, how tall you are and whether you need wheelchair access into the shower. We will need to understand what disabilities you have and whether you would like half height doors so a carer can assist you.

What we can tell you is that we will beat our competitors on price and quality. As we manufacture all of our walk in baths and showers we go that extra mile. We only use stainless steel frames for our walk I baths and add extra layers of gel-coat all around the bath. None of our competitors do this, and because there is no middle man we can get you a new bathroom installed at the very best price.

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