5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Retreat

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could come back and relax at a spa everyday after work? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, now you can get closer to that dream by turning your bathroom into a lavish retreat. Wait a sec, is this even possible?

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Over here we discuss several bathroom decor ideas for turning your personal space into a retreat. Read on.

Be choosy with colours

The colour of your bathroom changes the ambience completely. The best suggestion would be to use neutral and warm colours on the interior walls. Doing this will leave a calming effect that’s soothing for the senses.

Taking white as a base colour is always a good option. You can add subtle accents of beige, brown and pale blue. Most importantly, don’t leave your bathroom feeling sterile as it won’t evoke any


Fragrances have a magical effect of triggering a groovy mood instantly. Add relaxing fragrances to your bathroom to give it a spa-like feel. Some of the good choices include reed diffusers, Thai incense sticks and scented candles.

You can even hang potted eucalyptus over the shower head. Adding rose petals or rose water into your bathtub will also add a relaxing vibe to the décor.

Choose Greenery

You cannot be relaxed if you are not in close proximity to plants and greenery. Add household plants to your bathroom, placing them over the tabletop would be more feasible. Clusters of greenery always effuse an inviting and relaxed ambience. So, complete the retreat-like setup in your bathroom by making it green and organic.

Detailing with Bathroom Shower Ideas

Your fashionista-self should reflect on your retreat-like bathroom as well. Don’t eliminate labels; it will make your bathroom look boring. Instead, add fancy elements like curved shower curtains and white towels and come up with bathroom shower ideas in UK. The best way to keep white towels in a stylish way is to roll them up and place under chests. You can even use rugs with floral patterns to add more life.

Prolonged Relaxation

Consider using wooden bathtub tray for laying out a great sense of sophistication. Fill it with glasses of champagne and a couple of books. Most importantly, don’t forget to enrich the background with soothing music.

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Adding more accessories to your bathroom not only takes the style quotient several notches higher but also adds an element of practicality. Check our products for more information on bathroom accessories UK.

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