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Opulant Repose Bath

Opulant Bath - Concept Range



Assisted Range – Opulant Repose Bath

The Opulant Repose bathtub fits in perfectly with the sensory stimulation approach: it supports well-being and intense relaxation thanks to the range of air and or water balneotherapies, phytotherapy, colour therapy, aromatherapy and music therapy. A non-medical atmosphere encourages sensory expression, relaxation and fun. The bathtub screen printing can be personalised, ideal for integrating real multi-sensory wellbeing. All the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating bath firmly aimed at the well-being and the stimulation of residents.

Simplification and positioning of ergonomic controls. Electric variable height system. A symmetrical tub to position the residents head to the right or left. Personalised colour screen printing. Ergonomic tub with retractable shower and cascade filling, pre-fill.

The bath tub is equipped with disinfection devices to avoid cross contamination.

Balneotherapy – Sensory Stimulation

All bathtubs in the Assisted Bathing Range offer a number of therapeutic benefits and sensory stimulation due to the special features each bath comes with:

  •  Air balneotherapy: relaxing and soothing thanks to the soft touch of thousands of air bubbles.
  • Water balneotherapy: massaging and stimulating due to the adjustable power water jets.
  • Colour therapy:  light diffusion from 356 colours creates a real space of sensory well-being.
  • Aromatherapy: aromas are diffused through the balneotherapy air system which avoids any contact of the skin with essential oils.
  • Music therapy: Music can be heard and felt thanks to a pure sound released into the air and water by vibration of the tub.


Phytotherapy Bath

Music Therapy Bath
Balneotherapy Bathtub
Colour Therapy Bathtub
Full Cover Screen Printing Bath
Aromatherapy Bath

Personalised Printing

All the benefits of a relaxing and refreshing bath aimed at the well-being and stimulation of the users. With all bathtubs in the Assisted Bathtub Range, they can be personalized with personal printing so as to match an entire project.

Personalised Screen Printed Bathtub


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