Opulant Repose Bath

Opulant Bath - Concept Range

Assisted Range – Opulant Repose Bath

The Opulant Repose bathtub fits in perfectly with the sensory stimulation approach: it supports well-being and intense relaxation thanks to the range of air and or water balneotherapies, phytotherapy, colour therapy, aromatherapy and music therapy. A non-medical atmosphere encourages sensory expression, relaxation and fun. The bathtub screen printing can be personalised, ideal for integrating real multi-sensory wellbeing. All the benefits of a relaxing and invigorating bath firmly aimed at the well-being and the stimulation of residents.

Simplification and positioning of ergonomic controls. Electric variable height system. A symmetrical tub to position the residents head to the right or left. Personalised colour screen printing. Ergonomic tub with retractable shower and cascade filling, pre-fill.

The bath tub is equipped with disinfection devices to avoid cross contamination.