Timanfaya Maternity Bath

Timanfaya Bath - Assisted maternity Range

The Timanfaya is designed for preparation for childbirth with a natural approach.

Timanfaya dilation bath is recognised as a complement to or an alternative to analgesic treatments and fits perfectly within physiological birth spaces. In a warm bath, the mother is less stressed and experiences her contractions more calmly.

The heat and support of the water ensure well-being that reduces muscle tension and encourages the dilation of the cerfix. A demedicalised atmosphere provides the mother with reassurance.

Height adjustable or fixed chasis, silent balneotherapy system designed to soothe the 3 sensitive areas during pregnancy contractions (lumbar vertebrae, legs and soles of the feet). Automatic disinfection system and natural UV disinfection continues during the entire balneotherapy cycle. Chromotherapy, musis therapy and personalised screen printing on the entire bath.